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“A woman who does what is needed in hard conditions”

“Through the years, the word DÓTTIR has taken on a bigger meaning and we are using this platform and our sport to embrace that. Every woman is a DÓTTIR and every man is a SON of a DÓTTIR.”

My Story

Hi! | My name is Renée and I was born and raised right here in Rotterdam. While growing up I have always been interested in sports.

CrossFit | Since 2014 I have fallen in love with the sport of Crossfit. I love how balanced it is and accessible for everyone. You can scale down everything to your own needs and abilities and it really helps you to move better in daily life. CrossFit allows you to combine the basics of gymnastics, conditioning and weightlifting. And I just love the variety of it!

Teaching | I just love working with children. I obtained my degree in teaching and gained experience by working at a primary school. Next to that I started working at Aapjeskooi, a foundation focusing on making as many children in the age of 18 months till 6 years old move and exercise in a fun and responsible way. Also I love training athletes as a Crossfit level 1 coach at Crossfit Hofplein. I get so much energy out of teaching others how to move and seeing them grow and develop.

Coaching You | What really makes me happy is helping women to stay fit during their pregnancy and getting fit again after. Because together we will find out what fits you and your new lifestyle. I think our body needs the best treatment to prevent future injuries and it deserves the time and attention to get back in a shape that feels right.

Free Time | You can get me out of bed for a cool spot to eat, lunch or drink some coffee. And shopping of course is something most of us just love and I am no exception on that! Well.. This is pretty much a short introduction of myself. If you are interested in one of my programs, let’s meet each other and start off with an intake!

My Mission

You’re at the right place if you’re pregnant, you’re a mom already or face any problems that may be related to a previous pregnancy. At this moment you want to get fit, stay fit or feel better during your pregnancy or after giving birth.

I want to help all moms and moms to be to achieve feeling as good as possible while working out in a beautiful but sometimes difficult time. My goal is to help every mom or mom to be in a personal matter, really listen and find out what she needs.

I want to welcome all women with every level of fitness and that practice any kind of sports at the Dóttir training program.

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